Shiatsu ShinzuiKai

Professional Shiatsu Training and Treatments in Brussels


Shiatsu training in Belgium and Japan

We offer Shiatsu Treatments and a Shiatsu Practitioner Education with experienced Shiatsu teachers. We are a recognized institution and follow the standards of the Belgian and European Shiatsu Federation.We aspire to offer a professional and high quality education in the field of Shiatsu. Our aim is to educate successful Shiatsu Practitioners by using a holistic approach that they will adhere to and follow in their own lives.


                                                                                      Hiroko Kobayashi et Philippe Vandenabeele                                                            

BELGIUM                                                                                                                 Brussels: rue Henrard 11, 1160 Auderghem                                                              +32(0)478 522 388   [email protected]                                                                                         

JAPAN                                                                                                                  Saga: 18-3 Ise-machi, Saga, 840-0844 Japan

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